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Aluminum Fire Damper

Murray Ventilation Products (MVP) offers custom powder coated aluminum fire dampers. MVP dampers are rectangular, multi blade units that can be actuated electrically (24 VDC, 120 VAC, or 230 VAC) with fail safe Belimo actuators, pneumatically for vessels with engineered fire systems, or manually. The advantage fire dampers offer is to seal off the space in the event of a fire, ensuring the fire retardant will snuff out the fire, containing it to that space. MVP dampers are mounted via a welded “C” channel frame. Frame and blades are powder coated aluminum (white is standard, but custom colors are available). All shafts, linkage, blade seals, hardware, and linkage arms are stainless steel. Shaft bushings are composite, ensuring easy operation with no rotation inhibiting corrosion so common with fire dampers.

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