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Machinery space equipment needs cooling and/or combustion air to operate. Whether air enters the space through fans or naturally, the life span of machinery space equipment will be greatly increased if corrosive saltwater is kept out. Murray Ventilation Products (MVP) offers a variety of mist eliminator options to stop, collect, and eject saltwater before it gets to the machinery space. These products are engineered for each specific application. Our engineers will properly size the mist eliminators for your specific machinery package. Properly sized, MVP mist eliminators can remove over 99% of saltwater droplets from the air, while allowing dry air to enter the space and reach equipment. No filters to change, and no moving parts; MVP mist eliminators are maintenance free and are constructed with corrosion resistant marine grade materials for long life. We offer white or black PVC, black Polypropylene, aluminum, and stainless-steel louvers. There are several options for mist eliminator louver depth: 7-inch, 4 inch, and 3 inch, with a 1 5/8- inch grille and pad option for low flow applications. Frames can be PVC, powder coated aluminum, or powder coated steel. PVC frames and louvers can be painted with epoxy paint with excellent adhesion. Drain options are face draining, bottom draining, sump draining, or horizontal. (See link below for descriptions and sample drawings). MVP is not constrained to constructing rectangular mist eliminators. We can build angled, or even curved shapes to match styling (of course, ALWAYS keeping function over form). We also can build modular systems, including fire dampers and/or fans, which can me mounted directly to the mist eliminators.

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