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Today’s engine room machinery relies more on electronic control than ever before. Electronic equipment will last longer and operate more efficiently if the environment they operate in remains as cool as possible. Automating engine room cooling fans lightens the load of the user having to remember to switch on or off the fans to keep expensive electronic components functioning properly. Murray Ventilation Products (MVP) is proud to offer a 24 VDC thermostatic fan control compatible with any 24 VDC axial fan. Two settable thermostats allow the fans to come on at half speed corresponding to the lower temperature setting, with full speed triggered by the second, high temperature setting. As the engine room is cooled, the fans will slow back to half speed when the temperature cools below the high set point, and the fans will shut down once the temperature cools to below the low set point. The user can switch the control to manual and select half or full speed at his or her discretion. The efficiency of 24 VDC cooling fans comes at a price. High RPM motors are quite noisy at full speed. In situations like dockside entertaining, the MVP 24 VDC thermostatic fan control can be turned to manual and the fans run at half speed. Run at half speed, most axial DC fans will produce about 1/5 of the noise when compared to full speed. So, owners and guests can enjoy a dockside cocktail without hearing the whine of engine room cooling fans; and the engine room can still be cooled, albeit a bit slower. The MVP 24 VDC thermostatic control can be configured to run one or two pairs of axial fans. We offer a control switch panel option, which can be installer mounted either to the control box, or remotely.

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